Welcome Firefly.

storyteller. environmental educator. cultural preservationist.

“…the poet offers us a space to reclaim that freedom, to persist in our own making, in our small exodus, without naming our perpetrators; where, for a moment, we too can feel the cool air wrapped around our Black bodies—and feel free to exhale.” – Mahtem Shifferaw


As an environmental justice educator with Mycelium Youth Network, Ashia believes in the power of participatory action research and cultural organizing in order to adapt to and mitigate the ongoing climate crisis. Ashia believes in the transformative power & imaginations of Black & Brown youth to shape our ecological futures.

As a book reviewer, Ashia seeks exhilarating language that makes life possible.

Ashia Ajani – “My Kin”

“Ashia Ajani’s new poem reaches for the belly, for fullness.” – Frontier Poetry


Workshops Offered: Black Environmental Writing, Storytelling & Climate Futures, Navigating White Space: Erasure Craft Workshop, Poetics of the Apocalypse, Environmental Mythology & Legends, Abolition & Decolonial Poetics.

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All workshops are sliding scale.