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My Work

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“Truly one of the best conversations I’ve ever had about my own work happen with Ashia Ajani” – Phillip B. Williams, author of Mutiny

Syllabi & Course Materials

Introduction to 20th and 21st Century Black Environmental Literature


2022 Sundress Poetry Broadside Contest Runner Up: “Nameless”

Just Buffalo Literary Center Poetry Fellowship 2022

Sonder Press Best Small Fictions Anthology 2022 “Chromatic”

Milkweed Learning Hub 2022 Chrysalis Institute Cohort

Sundress Publications Best of Net Nomination (2021), Exposition Review and Hennepin Review

The Watering Hole Fellowship (2021)

Climate Activism Residency at UC Berkeley’s Poetry for the People (2020). Commissioned to write about the climate crisis and develop a body of work addressing the intersection of social issues with climate issues. 

Tin House Environmental Writing Fall Residency (Fall 2020). Awarded a stipend to facilitate completion of collection of Black Eco-poetry 

Sundress Publications Best of Net Nomination (2018), The Hopper Literary Magazine and Atlas & Alice Magazine 



“grief spinning,” and “a black hair study in commensalism, i.e. grease and glory in the marshlands of my scalp” Isele Magazine.

“Allotment” Michigan Quarterly Review. Issue 61:4 Fractured Union: American Democracy on the Brink; Fall 2022.

“porch” Apogee Journal. Issue 16. Fall 2022

“deep sea diving” Women’s Studies Quarterly: Black Love Volume 50, Numbers 1–2: Spring/Summer 2022. 

“Chafing in Crown Heights,” and “The Aftermath of Sugar” ANMLY Lit. Issue 34; April 2022.

“cat’s cradle,” “Roaches Don’t Die (Remix)” Honey Literary Magazine. Issue 3; February 2022.

“Alteration,” “Water Memory,” “Abstraction” Barrelhouse Magazine. Something’s Missing Online Issue; February 2022.

“Nameless” Lumiere Review. Issue 07; December 2021.

“meditations on sweetness and other fruits” Thimble Literary Magazine; Vol 4, No. 3. December 2021.

“Chromatic” Hennepin Review. November Issue; 2021.

“Accessing Excess” Blackbird Press News & Review. 2021.

“when black people say “I’mma pray for you,” that is the prayer.” Exposition Review Vol. V. 2021

“Collards.” Frontier Poetry. 2020.

“Durag.” Southern Humanities Review 2020 Auburn Witness Poetry Prize Finalist. Issue 53.3  

“Running.” World Literature Today, Black Voices. 2020 

“Ode to Left Eye.” already felt. 2020; Vol. 1 

“Landfill.” Foglifter Press. 2020; Volume 5, Issue 1: 32.

“Will You Understand It.” Santa Ana River Review. 2020; Volume 5, Issue 1. 


 “Rewilding the Garden” Atmos Magazine. 2022.

“Nurturing the Net Generation” Atmos Magazine. 2022.

“A Playlist for the End of the World” Sierra Magazine. 2022. Print and online.

“In Praise of Dandelion and Ragweed” Sierra Magazine. 2022.

“Writing a Queer Black Eco-Pleasure Politic” Atmos Magazine. 2022.

“Reframing environmental racism as a form of criminalization: Actualizing Critical Environmental Justice” Yale Environment Review. 2021.

“Dive Into a Vivid Novel About What It Means to Be a Queer Immigrant” Them. 2021.

“Akwaeke Emezi’s New Memoir Asks Us to See the Masks We Wear in the World” Them. 2021.

“Read Me: This Stunning Memoir Preserves the Forgotten Black Stories of the AIDS Crisis” Them. 2020.

“Read Me: Thrown in the Throat Is Cutting, Sensual Poetry That Will Make You Rethink Language” Them. 2020.

“Hatching #Blackbirders Week.” Sierra. September/October Issue. 2020. 

“Now List 2020: Mickalene Thomas and the Art of Saying ‘No’ as a Black Creative” 2020 

Making it Easier to Breathe. Sierra. 2020. 

“Poet Jericho Brown on His Life- Changing Pulitzer Prize Win.” Them. 2020. 

“Black American Bus Drivers at Risk.” Sierra. 2020. 

“8 Black Eco-Poets Who Inspire Us.” Sierra. 2020. 

“The Making of a Love Letter” Sierra. 2020. 

“Danez Smith’s Homie is a Love Letter to Black Queer Friendship.” Them. 2020. 

“This Land is Your Land.” Sage Magazine. 2019; Escalation, 52-56. 


Bbymutha’s Cockroaches Symbolize Survival in the Face of Climate CrisisThem. 2021.

“Artificial Faith.” New Life Quarterly. Wolfman Books. 2019; Issue 6.

Yet Another Poem About Denver.Hopper Literary Magazine. 2017.