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Forthcoming Nov- December 2020

Sundress Academy for the Arts (SAFTA) at Firefly Farms. Awarded a 1 week VIDA scholarship. 

September-  December 2020

Climate Activism Residency at UC Berkeley’s Poetry for the People. Commissioned to write about the climate crisis and develop a body of work addressing the intersection of social issues with climate issues. 

September- October 2020

Tin House Environmental Writing Fall Residency. Awarded a stipend to facilitate completion of collection of Black Eco-poetry 

September 2018

Sundress Publications Best of Net Nomination, The Hopper Literary Magazine and Atlas & Alice Magazine 



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“The Houses I Grew Up In.” Brushfire Literature and Arts. Fall 2018. 


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Ajani, Ashia. “Now List 2020: Mickalene Thomas and the Art of Saying ‘No’ as a Black  Creative” 2020 

Ajani, Ashia. Making it Easier to Breathe. Sierra. 2020. 

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Ajani, Ashia. “Black American Bus Drivers at Risk.” Sierra. 2020. 

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